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Instructions to Bankers

  1. Upload file format has been changed wef April 2012. Download Sample File Ver2.0 IFSCode, Bank Branch and Account Holders Address are the additional information required to upload

  2. The data has to be uploaded every month

  3. Please do not change the format of the file ot the Column names in the excel file.

Instructions on Data to upload

  1. Please ensure to fill the Account Number, Account Holders Name and IFSCode. Do not leave them blank

  2. Please do not use 'do' or '-do-' or 'repeat' or any other for indicate the same data in the next row

  3. All amounts are to be given in rupees only, rounding to nearest rupee. Do not give in laks or thousands

  4. Please do not insert any symbols like /- , Rs. , 100=00 , 100.00 in the amounts column

  5. If there is no amount in a particular column of (Saving Account or Current Account or Fixed Deposits), please insert zero rather than using any special symbol

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